How to mint

How to Mint a Bitcoin Pill

As short as two months ago minting Ordinals NFTs used to be a complicated process involving running your own Bitcoin node and manual order books and OTC trading. Our team has worked hard to create the ultimate solution for a smooth user experience, and innovative Ordinals mint flow by using in-house tech to make automated and trustless inscriptions and mints possible at low cost avoiding 3rd party service fees..

Minting will take place on our website:

Wallet to mint

To mint you will need a Hiro or Xverse wallet. You can download them here:

Download Hiro Wallet: (recommended for desktop)

Download Xverse Wallet: (recommended for mobile)

The minting process is easy

You will pick the amount of Bitcoin Pills you want to mint, and click 'mint now'.

You will be taken to the actual minting widget. There you enter your receiving bitcoin address. Make sure this is an Ordinals address, and don't mix Bitcoin and Ordinals. You will also be able to set your preferred 'gas fee'.

After that you will be taken to the payment part of the widget.

You need to send the amount due to the address listed, or use the QR code.

You can use any Bitcoin Wallet for that

After it's confirmed, the transaction is complete.Depending on your preferred transaction speed / network fee you will receive your Bitcoin Pill Ordinal wallet within an hour or within a few days.

As Crypto Pills holder you will be able to connect your Metamask to the site, before minting.

This will check the amount of Crypto Pills in your wallet at time of snapshot just before mint

Holders with 100 Crypto Pills are allowed 4 free Bitcoin Pills mints.

Holders with 50 Crypto Pills are allowed 3 free Bitcoin Pills mints.

Holders with 25 Crypto Pills are allowed 2 free Bitcoin Pills mints.

Holders with 10 Crypto Pills are allowed 1 free Bitcoin Pills mint.

All Crypto Pills Holders will be white-listed for pre-mint, and have to claim their Bitcoin Pills during pre-mint.

The pre-mint will start 12 hours before the public mint.

Pre-mint price of a Bitcoin Pill will be 0.007 BTC for Crypto Pills holders.

Public mint price will be 0.01 BTC

Pre-Mint will start the 12/13th of April 12:00 AM EDT midnight and 12 hours later when the Public Sale starts at 12 PM noon EDT

Your Bitcoin Pill will be revealed after mint on our website, including rarity scores. We have implemented the OpenRarity standard used endorsed by OpenSea, Looks Rare and several other major industry parties.