“One P1LL Can Change Your Life”

P1LL: The Ultimate Bitcoin Meme Coin

Take the Orange Pill and acknowledge the supremacy of the Bitcoin network and BRC20

Tired of a never ending trial of pumps and dumps, endless rug pulls? Right here and right now we are presenting you with a $P1LL, the one token that belongs to the community where people truly HODL!

About P1LL

Fair distribution. No presale, no allow list, no fake hype, no fudding!  

Created by the notorious crypto bad boy and the NFT.NYC winner of Best Digital NFT Artist of 2021 - Micha Klein, $P1LL token is a BRC-20 meme coin that is designed to unite all Micha’s projects together and grow 100X with the expanding universe of the Pills IP.

Inspired by Micha’s own journey, where the art & technology pill changed his perception of the world and gave him new creative powers, he decided to create a token that would belong to the community of people that believe in the transformative power of art and technology.

Micha states:
“At some point in our lives, we all come across that one pill that completely changes our perception of the world. For me, it was creativity and technology. For others, it may be something different. With $P1LL, I want to create a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the transformative power of art and technology. Together, we can change the world.”

How to Buy P1LL

Nah! You actually can’t! To ensure that the value of P1LL is not endangered by speculation, greed or FUD, the token has a fair, exclusive distribution to the Bitcoin Pills community and once you mint Bitcoin Pills Ordinal, you will be able to claim P1LL token with no extra charge.  

The token is minted out completely and will be distributed for free to the people who buy a Bitcoin Pill. It will be tradable immediately. You can split up any amount of your bag with a transfer inscription and list it on https://unisat.io

After that, everything will be in the hands of the community. Knowing the diamond hands of the Crypto Pills and Bitcoin Pills holders, we have a big chance to become the next 100X token!

P1LL is a meme and community token, backed by the power of Pillman,  and it's  there for us to have fun with, learn and make money. The value is in the hands of the community. The more we tweet about it and shill it, the bigger it can get!

Tokenomics of P1LL

Limited Token Supply: 22,222,222

Fair distribution:

80% of the tokens have been allocated to be airdropped to the Bitcoin Pills Ordinals owners. 

10% will be airdropped to the community in a form of giveaways and incentives.

Remaining 10% will be distributed between all the team members. 

Roadmap for P1LL

Phase 1: Meme

  • Connecting with Bitcoin Pills mint flow.
  • Airdropping to Bitcoin Pills holders
  • 500+ Holders
  • Utilise the power of community to trend P1LL on Twitter

Phase 2: Vibe 

  • Community Partnerships
  • Formation of a token oriented Discord channel within Crypto Pills community 
  • Unisat Listings
  • 2000+ Holders

Phase 3: Takeover

  • P1LL Merchandise
  • P1LL Academy
  • DEX and CEX Exchanges Listings 
  • 10,000+ Holders

Contact P1LL

Discord / Twitter